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Special Events & Arts in Education

Funshops, Special Events, Arts in Ed programs

john ward
John Ward, Long Island's own charismatic drum teacher & member of local and international troupes, including Drumbalayas.
baba & rosemarie
drums of passion concert
Earth Beat offers a plethora of opportunities to study and be exposed to the exhilarating hand drums and rhythms of Africa and the Diaspora. Our teachers are masters of their art, mostly internationally known and from the cultures they teach, keeping it as authentic as it gets for the study of not only a rhythm, but of the way of life of the most ancient lands on our fascinating earth. *drum classes, *study intensives *special events, *outreach & school programs *live performances; from church celebrations to community parades. If we are not in your area give us a holler...have drum will travel...we'll come to you!
Funshops and classes
Hand Drum instruction for all levels.

Learn ancient rhythms of
W. Africa, the Caribbean and Brazil,
by masters of the drum.

...your Funshops are smokin!...
Jiggy & The Blues Band
sanga funshop

Community events

drum circles, jams,

..your performance at the festival was as
thrilling as it gets!

Columbus Day Parade
Spirit of the Drums
spirit of drums
Corporate events

performances, empowerment
& team building seminars

Our holiday party was quite unique...I am still moving to the sounds of your performance!
Chase Manhattan
Private events & venues

weddings, parties

....enjoyed your "Power of One Concert"..
so much talent on one stage... heart is still humming!

Majorie Allen
L.I., NY
alaladai drums of passion
Alaladei-Drums of Passion
alaladei drums of passion
Alaladei-Drums of Passion

drums of passion

Community Facilitated Circles and Jams

Earth Beat produced one of the largest and longest running monthly community circle/ jams. For over 10 years we facilitated people of all ages and from every walk of life through a monthly high energy and very exhilarating evening of drum, dance, trance, performance and tribal oneness. Our walls burst with the energy created from upwards of 150 sweating and happy adults and children drumming, dancing and celebrating life. We will provide the same space for you, whether it be a one time community circle or helping you kick off a drum community and ongoing jam. Bring the energy home!
You haven't lived until you've entered the "boom boom" room
of Earth Beat's monthly Jam.

Long Island Newsday

Earth Beat jams offers a smorgasbord of beats and sounds...
forming a unity, losing inhibitions and giving oneself over to the liberating effect of the pulsating rhythms.

Renata Maimone, contributing editor
Oyster Bay Enterprise

I was at the drumming (jam) and just have to tell you - it was one of the most
intense drumming sessions EVER...

Ilona Berzups
Bayville, NY
rose jam
jam circle

Arts In Education Programs

...Thank you for the good works you do...
you are truly an inspiration to all our students!


Let us not forget our young ones.
Five year olds through College level have enjoyed and benefited from our programs,
offering Cultural & global awareness through sound, music, & the traditions,
of indigenous cultures.
The following are some Sanga offers,
or we can design one specifically suited to your school's needs and budget with one of our talented local or international
musicians and artists.
arts in ed black history
Black History Month
Arts in Education

arts in ed hispanic history
Hispanic History Month
Arts in Education
This is the drum
A lecture demonstration which explores the history of traditional percussion instruments. Sanga gives the audience a one-man show as he demonstrates the sounds of the Conga, Djembe (West African hand drum), Shekere (bead-covered gourd which is played like a rattle), and the Berimbau (string instrument from Brazil) along with miscellaneous indigenous percussive instruments.
The audience is taken on a musical escapade from Africa to Brazil and Trinidad, where calypso was born. There is also an exciting audience participation segment to this show. Appropriate for all age groups, and particularly effective as a teaching format for children, as they learn through the music and story-telling of this entertaining journey.
Number of Artists: One
Length of Program: One Hour


Music of the Diaspora
arts in ed
arts in ed
Music of the Diaspora is a lecture demonstration which takes the audience on a musical journey from Africa to the Americas. This program shows how the rhythms of Africa are prevalent in the music of the Caribbean, Brazil, Cuba and the United States. Young audiences find it fascinating when they realize that the drum lines of their favorite R & B, rap and rock n' roll recording artists are derived from African rhythms.
Dancing can also be integrated as an integral component of this program. Music of the Diaspora is both educational and entertaining, and is appropriate for audiences of all ages, and is particularly effective when skewed toward educational programs for grades Kindergarten through 12th.
Number of Artists: One - Four
Length of Program One Hour

Funshops and Residencies
Funshops (workshops) and Residencies tailor suited to fit the needs of the given school and institution. An African dance component is added when requested.
Number of Artists: One - Two
Length of Program: Negotiable
...thanks for the wonderful work you did with our are some of their remarks and drawings to show what a wonderful experience they had...
The LaSalle Center



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