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Drumming & Adventure Trips

Since 1990 Earth Beat has been organizing trips to power spots of the earth to experience first hand the mysteries and knowledge passed on through the rituals and ceremonies of ancient cultures. Tribal cultures, which throughout the world celebrate, ritualize and survive through the language of rhythm and the drum; are a doorway through which one can access the mysteries of the universe. These trips are experiential and often initiatory. Join us on for a sojourn, it may change your life.
 Upcoming Trips

Inquire about our exciting upcoming trips to Brazil and TNT to study the ancient rythym of Carnival, Shango and Orishas.  Contact us for details, dates, costs, brochures,
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Costa Rica
Drumming and Sun

Join us for a week-long journey with
one of our exciting master drummers at our
tropical center CostaBeat, an exotic monkey filled paradise of jungle & coastline.
Study ancient rhythms of Africa,
The Caribbean and South America.
Daily classes, drum circles, surf, yoga, adventure activities, and plenty of beach and chilling out time,
make this a fun vacation as well as
a drumming intensive for all levels.


costa rica resort

Vacation Trips

Okay, believe it or not, not everyone wants to drum and dance, but hey...that's cool too.
Some of us just want to chill out, or perhaps we have healing to do, or want to meditate, swim, get a massage, wake up to yoga, hike and enjoy nature, or whatever. Well the good news is that we honor and accommodate all energies which encompass the spirit of being alive and those seeking integration with nature and themselves. So for those of you who would like to take a unique vacation, maybe a honeymoon even(?), or just get away from western energies, we do offer accommodations at our beautiful Costa Rican oceanfront retreat.
With plenty of surf and downtime for any hardcore busy busy busy person to chill.
Check out our website....

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